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Binary patches for OpenBSD  v.1.1.0

Binary patches for OpenBSD is an alternative to patching the source tree when sufficient resources are not

Karma Linux Kernel patches  v.2.6.26

Karma Linux Kernel patches for workstations and

Linux Kernel Patches Collection  v.1.0

This project aims to collect some kernel patches, put them together and provide a single patch for the users. It contains BeFS, JFS and XFS filesystems, kernel debugger support, newest acpi, badmem, and Mingo's scheduler with Love's preemptive

Omnibook Configuration Tools & Patches  v.20060126

This is a set of small programs and patches to configure the advanced features of some laptops, such as enabling the extra onetouch/multimedia keys, console blanking, battery and temperature reporting, etc. Many HPs and Toshiba Satellites are

Qmail-patches  v.3

Qmail-patches is a set of assembled patches available for qmail. It''''''''s an easy way toimprove functionality of you mail system. Patch adds: authorization support, SSL,QMAILQUEUE, filter support in qmail-smtpd,

X2vt - now patches against rxvt  v.1.0

x2vt used to be a standalone program, designed to be smaller than rxvt. But rxvt's development branch is actually better and more portable than x2vt, so I'm submitting patches to rxvt instead of competing with

BDD's Patches  v.1.0

Series of patches for the popular OpenTTD game! Check out their project at

Orchard Patches  v.1.0

Shape and solids patches (triangle, ellipse, cone, cylinder and torus) for use with Quartz Composer compositions and in Quartz/Cocoa development on Mac OS X Tiger

United Linux Carrier Grade Linux Patches  v.1.0

This project aims to have a centralized location for a patch set that contains patches for United Linux. These patches will implement a subset of the Carrier Grade Linux ( standard.

Nigel's SWSUSP patches  v.1.0

Nigel Cunningham's patches to Software Suspend (SWSUSP) support in the Linux kernel.

Building and delivering OOo patches  v.1.0

This project is for binaries of the OOoBuild project for various platforms. OOoBuild is used by various groups to integrate patches before submitting them upstream to

Mailman Pager/Cell Phone Patches  v.1.0

A series of patches to add pager/cell phone support to the mailman mail list program. By using a smtp gateway (available almost all smpp pagers) users to sign-up for text messages from given maillists. Authorization is available as is a custom sign page

Unofficial VisualCLX patches  v.131

Unofficial VisualCLX patches for Delphi and Kylix.

FakeBold Font patches for QT  v.4.3.x 0.2

A bold font style and output for some fonts without bold support

BadMEM patches/utils for Linux Kernel  v.1.7

Production of a patch to make (partly) buggy memory modules work in a (vanilla)-Linux kernel; kernel patch and additional (user-space)

GPaint Patches  v.1.0

GNU Paint lacks many essential features of pixel editor. Mission of this project is to fix them as much as possible. Then, hands the fix to the upstream developer.

SecureCentral PatchQuest Free Edition  v.4.1

SecureCentral PatchQuest is an automated patch management software for distributing and managing security patches, hotfixes and updates across heterogeneous networks comprising Windows, Red Hat and Debian Linux systems in just a few simple clicks.

Netman  v.5.47

Netman 5.47 is considered as a professional and useful tool which can work without installation, so it is a user-friendly and absolutely safe remote control freeware.It is Nat accessible which enbales you to remotely control any PC anywhere on the

VisualControl  v.1.0

VisualControl is a small and very easy to use application designed to help you connect to other computers remotely. VisualControl main goal is to make your life easier by providing you a spontaneous remote support. Get VisualControl and take it

UltraVNC 64 bit  v.

UltraVNC is a powerful, easy to use and free software that can display the screen of another computer (via internet or network) on your own screen. The program allows you to use your mouse and keyboard to control the other PC remotely. It means that

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